Published On: Tue, Dec 6th, 2016

Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival Eilat Israel’s 2016

The understanding of having a Jazz music Event in Eilat – A hotel town by the Red Sea, came up in 1985 to distribute art and lifestyle around Israel, mainly in remote side-line areas.

The festival was set to advertise Israeli Jazz music while improving the picture of the area of Eilat as an even more attractive vacationer fascination. Within only ten months, the manufacturing was finished for the first Red Sea Jazz music Event in Oct 1987 – At the Eilat Harbour, the most southern part of Israel, between the air Jordan and the Red Sea.

The area of Eilat, a vacationer gem of Israel, provided beach hotels in wasteland scenery, happily consented to be the variety. Still the actual location was yet to be identified. After watching several places, the Eilat Seaport piers where designated, establishing the places by organizing rectangle areas using delivery bins as surfaces. A traditional example of outside the package thinking.


Luckily, then recently hired slot administrator, Mendi Zaltzman, indicated the passion for this unorthodox concept and was willing to spend space for lifestyle.

The Red Sea Jazz music Event provides a great chance of party in summer season time mixing good music at the seaport of Eilat with amazing Seaport piers, delivers, cranes, and the beach of the Red Sea under a starry sky.


Since then the celebrations features world’s top Jazz music performers – well-known Israelis as well as worldwide performers – and also goes in new guidelines with the choice of young people in the worldwide Jazz music field. Over 30 categories play 40 activities in the four days the festival occurs.


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  1. David says:

    Thanks for sharing this article !
    Very interesting to understand what’s behind the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat.


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