Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2016

Embarrassing Loss To Warriors Proves The Clippers

During the season, we heard that Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and his team colleagues are a new generation of Clippers, Deep  Done. They are comfortable and happy together. And deserved to be considered in the league under the cream de la cream.
It sounds good. It made sense on the paper, He always does.

Paul is a great goalkeeper. The game Griffin has evolved over the past two years, and he is more than capable of being a player in league 10. Jordan to be a second chance to look at a defensive force and bounce.
But the past is the past, and often a prelude to what we expect in the near future. And the Clippers team full of all sorts of things that can prevent the responsible talented team, the next big thing happened, the quarreling, bad luck, terrible decisions and absolute inability to make a final Western Conference.

How to prove that the past is the past, and today is different? These bad memories are the lessons learned and no sign of more coming. A good start would be to go to their home court at the Staples Center. Look down the team you hate – and hate you too  and do it too. Against Golden State Warriors show us all that the asterisks in the regular season  Translated into the fine pressure states, which are great in December, but never disappeared. Lie against the opponent, the warriors, and bring the victory.


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